Top 27 Best Fitness Tracker of 2021

Whether you’re looking for the best fitness tracker, best fitness band or best fitness watch these smart devices can help you track steps, blood oxygen levels,  exercise activity, sleep cycles, and heart rate. From cheap fitness trackers to the most advanced fitness watches each of these has its pros and cons. The fitness trackers with the most features and sensors can cause your devices battery life to dwindle. One of the features that consumes the most battery is in-built GPS. Luckily this feature can be deactivated when not required and will extend your fitness trackers battery life by a significant margin. 

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best fitness trackers and fitness bands in the market. Each fitness tracker has something unique to offer. Some fitness bands are better for runners and some are better for tracking swimming and other activities. Some of these fitness trackers like the apple watch even offer you the ability to conduct an ECG also know as an EKG (Electrocardiogram) that can help you to detect atrial fibrillation or other heart issues. Some of the best fitness trackers come with a ECG also know as an EKG (Electrocardiogram) sensor that can electrical signals generated by the heart to check for any enlargements of the heart due to high blood pressure (hypertension)or signs of a previous heart attack (myocardial infarction) and can also help to detect atrial fibrillation.

We have included a list below the article explaining all the different sensors and their purpose.

The Best Overall Fitness Trackers

If you don’t want to spare any expense and want the best of the best Fitness Trackers that cannot only track your fitness but allow you to have the latest technology and medical sensors slapped on your wrist then here you go. In order to be considered an overall best fitness tracker these devices must excel at tracking a variety of of workout activities. These fitness trackers pack the latest sensors and software to provide the most data and the most accurate readings.

All of the fitness trackers on this article have a multitude of sensors that help you track your activites, heart health, sleep cycles and performance but these specific models are the best in their class.

These fitness trackers are some of the most expensive in the market but you do get the latest technology in Heart Rate monitoring, Sleep Tracking and workout or activity monitoring. The latest technological sensors include ECG sensor for conducting an electrocardiogram, Spo2 sensor for blood oxygen levels, GPS for precise location tracking.

It’s worth a note that even the best fitness trackers fall short of the accuracy that a medical grade device can. Some by a wide margin some are almost on par. For example to measure your blood oxygen level medical grade devices attach to your finger tip as opposed to trying to get a reading from your wrist. They are however a great place to start for an overall analysis of your health and can provide a baseline of what your heart health and endurance is.

1. Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 has over 9,936 reviews on Amazon with a 5 out of 5-star rating

The Apple Watch series 6 is the latest version of Apples sleek and feature packed smart watch. There are several versions starting from $399 and going up to $849 for the titanium version with the leather band. It comes in a variety of colors and materials including red aluminum, blue aluminum, space grey aluminum, silver aluminum, gold aluminum, silver stainless steel, gold stainless steel, graphite stainless steel, space black stainless steel, and titanium. There are two sizes to choose from the smaller 40mm case or the larger 44mm version. The new version has a slightly brighter always on display and can charge up a little quicker. It has a new S6 chip to provide faster charging, and better overall performance

This popular fitness tracker is also water resistant to 50 meters. Some of the sensors included in the Apple Watch Series 6 are an ECG monitor, Heart rate monitor, and Spo2 monitor(measures blood oxygen). The SPO2 sensor is mainly used when sleeping but also allows you to measure your blood oxygen levels on demand.

Again like with the Samsung watch this is not the best bang for your buck like the Apple Watch SE. It does have more fitness oriented sensors like the Spo2 blood oxygen sensor, and ECG sensor along with an always on display. which is why it is on the best fitness trackers list. If you own an iPhone and want the absolute best fitness tracker than this is your best option.


2. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar

The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar Fitness tracker has 676 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating

The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar is the most expensive fitness tracker on the list with an MSRP of $849 but it is also the best fitness tracker for running money can buy. The screen is a 1.3″ sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) display with 260 x 260 pixels. It has a 47mm case but there is also the Fenix 6S pro solar with a 42mm case and Fenix 6s Pro Solar which has a 46mm case.

Some of the sensors included in this device are GPS sensor with Glonass and Galileo, Optical Heart Rate sensor for measuring heart rate, Pulse Ox2 sensor for measuring blood oxygen levels, an altimeter for elevation data, gyroscope, barometer to monitor weather and 3-axis electronic compass for navigation.

The Fenix 6 Pro Solar is also water resistant up to 100m which is an incredible 328 feet. The heartbeat sensor even works underwater. The best and most unique feature about this fitness tracker is the solar panel integrated into the display that charges the device when your out in the sun. The only sensor missing is an ECG sensor which come with both the apple watch series 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Thanks to the integrated solar panel the battery life on this watch is incredible at 14 days so if your going on a multi day outdoor excursion this is the perfect companion. The Fenix 6 Pro Solar also allows you to use various preloaded activity profiles for trails, running, swimming, running, surfing, indoor climbing, biking, hiking, rowing, skiing, and even golfing.

The only reason this watch has so little reviews on Amazon is probably due to the high price tag. It’s even more expensive than the most decked out Apple Watch. If you wont settle for anything but the best for your outdoor adventures then this is your best option. The only thing missing on this fitness tracker compared to the other models on the list is an ECG sensor.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has over 461 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the latest addition to Samsung’s list of smart watches. The cheapest version will cost you $400 and the best version can cost up to $480 for the larger screen and integrated LTE. It comes in two sizes either 41mm or 45mm. There are three colors to choose from mystic black, silver and bronze. It is 15% lighter and 14% thinner than the previous models. If you own a Samsung Phone this is one of the best smart watches for you to purchase due to it’s compatibility and integration with the Samsung ecosystem.

Some of the fitness features this watch has are 8 heart rate diodes, ECG monitor and blood pressure measuring using an Spo2 sensor. This watch comes with a leather strap but can easily be swapped out for a rubber strap that will wear better during your intense training workouts. It also comes with a super AMOLED display. It also has a bluetooth 5 module to provide a better connection for your bluetooth earbuds.

It comes with a 340 milliamp battery as opposed to the 472 milliamp battery on the original Galaxy Watch. The battery last around 1 1/2 days to 2 days but can easily be charged wireless using the included charger. In the box it does not come with a power brick it only brings a cable that is used to charge the phone. Like previous models you can also use your galaxy watch to charge the device. The Watch is 13mm thick.

Although the original Galaxy watch is a better bang for your buck due to it’s increased battery life and similar specs the reason we choose this one to be higher on the list is for its upgraded sensors allowing you to more accurately measure your physical performance and health.

4. Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit Sense Watch has over 3,551 reviews on Amazon with an impressive 4.5 out of 5-star rating

This beautifully styled fitness tracker is the latest flagship model to be released by Fitbit. It packs more sensors and fitness tracking features than any other smart watch. What sperates this watch from the others on the list is the skin temperature sensor.The Fitbit sense has tons of feature like the (Electro dermal activity)EDA sensor, ECG app, Sp02 blood oxygen saturation sensor, skin temperature sensor,  built in GPS, NFC technology, Alexa and Google assistant, AMOLED screen, and a battery that last more than 6 days. This beautifully styled smart watch has no physical buttons instead there is a groove on the side that must be completely covered with your finger in order to simulate a button press. The watch only weighs 45.9 grams with the band and is water resistant to 50 Meters.

Having a long battery life allows you to only charge it once a week and not have to take it off for charging when you go to sleep. It also charges up to 100% in just 12 minutes with its fast charger. The Fitbit sense also tracks your heart rate and lets you know if it’s to high or to low. In order to use the ECG you need to download another app call the ECG app. The Fitbit sense doesn’t tell you your actual skin temperature but does track it and lets you know of any changes in temperature.

The EDA scan app for sense allows you to track your stress levels by giving you a stress score from 0-100. The higher your score the less stressed you are.The EDA app also considers your heart rate, sleep, activity levels and skin temperature to provide the most accurate results as possible. Some users also complain that the EDA scan must be initiated manually and is not always on but this is probally done to conserve battery life.

When you purchase this fitness watch you also get a free trail to Fitbit premium which provides advanced monitoring of your stress along with guided programs to help you improve your sleep, nutrition, workouts and more.

The new infinity band is very comfortable and has a quick release mechanism to allow you to swap bands to match your style on the go. The only cons we see so far is that it doesn’t integrate with the iOS health app so you’ll have to find a workaround to get it synced up to your iPhone. Another downside to this watch is it’s inaccurate heart rate monitor. Customer in the Fitbit Community forums say that the heart beat sensor is not very accurate unless your resting compared to other devices like the Polar chest strap.

If you own an iPhone you will not be able to sync your data with Apple Health. You will need to download a third party app called Sync Solver. Sync Solver seems to be the best workaround to get this to work.

The Best Fitness Trackers with Long Battery Life

4. Fitbit Charge 4

The Fitbit Charge 4 has over 27,160 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating

The Fitbit Charge 4 is a sleek and small fitness tracker that provides many features to help you track your performance. At this time you can pick one up on Amazon for just $118.95. It comes with NFS technology so you can use your fitbit watch to pay for things on the go just in case you go for a run and forget your wallet. With so many reviews on Amazon and such a high review rating you can clearly see this is one of the most sold fitness trackers and is highly sought after by fitness enthusiast due to it’s low price point and features.

It comes with Built-in GPS, Heart Rate monitoring, and Sleep & Swim Tracking. There are over 20 goal-based exercise modes that you can activate in order to track your workouts. You can even track your swimming and water sports because its water resistant up to 50 meters.

One of the best features is the battery life that is supposed to last more than 7 days. One thing to consider is that the battery life goes down to 5 hours if you have GPS enabled. Also customers have stated that it really only last 3-4 days with little to no use but it still outlast most other fitness trackers in battery life that usually last only 1 or 2 days. If you want a simple fitness tracker at a low cost with a great battery life than the Charge 4 is a great option.


5. Amazfit GTS 2 Smartwatch

The Amazfit GTS 2 Smartwatch has over 1,504 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating

The Amazfit GTS 2 is a smartwatch that comes with GPS, Spo2 sensor AMOLED always on display, and a 24 hour heart rate sensor. The square shape is a similar design to the Apple Watch with a curved 1.65″ 341 ppi AMOLED display. It has 3gb of internal storage for storing music or other files. It has 90 diffirent sport modes to help you track whatever exercise you are doing. It is even waterproof to 50M so you can track your swimming performance. This fitness tracker also does a decent job of tracking when you sleep including your naps in between. If you fall asleep between midnight and 6AM it registers as sleep but if you happen to take little shut eye between
between midnight and 6AM it registers as a nap.

That being said it is basically a chinese replica of an Apple watch with good quality control. The price point is great and if you buy it on Amazon and it doesn’t meet your expectations you can always return it. Don’t expect for this to work like an Apple watch though. You get what you pay for and this watch does not have access to the research and development teams that Apple and Samsung have. So the sensors are not very accurate and the screen is hard to see outdoors but for the price it’s one of the best chinese fitness trackers you can buy.

One of the best features of this device is it’s battery life. It is said to have a 7+ day battery life but in reality it’s around 3-4 days which is awesome if you consider that the Apple Watch only last 18 hours. Like with everything in life there is a tradeoff. It doesn’t allow you to download apps like Spotify but does allow you to control your music through bluetooth. You wont have access to your Spotify library but you will be able to use it to pause, play and skip through songs. The Watch also works better with an Android phone.


6. Huawei Smart Watch GT 2

The Huawei Smart Watch GT 2 Smartwatch has over 1,445 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating

The Huawei Smart Watch GT 2 is another smartwatch that can help you to track all your workouts. It comes with built-in GPS, AMOLED display, and a 24 hour heart rate sensor. The screen is a 1.39″ 326 ppi AMOLED display. It has various sensors including an Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, Optical heart rate sensor, Ambient light sensor, Air pressure sensor and a Capacitive sensor.The case is made from stainless steel and is very stylish and lightweight and also has a 22mm strap.

There are 3 different models you can choose from a 42mm with a bezeless design, a 46mm version in the GT and the GT 2e. The larger watch has double the battery life tan the smaller one. Huawei claims it will last 14 days. All of the models are water resistant up to 50m. This fitness tracker comes with 16 MB RAM and 2gb of internal storage. It has 2 physical buttons the top one is for activating the menu and the lower one can be configured to open any app you like. It comes with 15 different watch faces. The watch is lightweight at 53.1 grams and is also thin at only 10.7mm thick.


The best features of this device is it’s stylish design and long battery life. It takes around an hour to charge it back up. You cannot download any third party apps but you can control your music via bluetooth 5.1. It does not allow you to reply to text but you can answer calls and end calls. The built in speaker sounds great and the person on the other side can also hear you very clearly. This Watch also works better with an Android phone because you cannot change the watch face or access several other features on an iPhone. You can change the default watch faces by holding the screen for a second or two.


The Best Fitness Trackers for Running & Walking

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that is geared toward Walking and Running than we have you covered. We have complied a list of the best smart watches to buy that can help you track your exact location using GPS + Glonass for precise route monitoring. They can also track strides and other data like heart rate and provide Vo2 max estimates. All of the watches on the list are from Garmin because Garmin fitness trackers have some of the best GPS tracking technology to give your precise location information on your run.

7. Garmin Forerunner 235

The Garmin Forerunner 235 Fitness tracker has over 5,126 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating

The Forerunner 235 is one of the best selling smart watches for running. The only difference between the 230 and the 235 is that the 235 has a built in optical heart rate sensor. It  has various sensors like a built-in GPS, heart rate sensor. You can set multiple run profiles and tracks your time and pace using the built in GPS. It is made from silicone or titanium and is very light weight. The watch is water resistant to 50M but does not track swimming or triathalon exercises.

The battery is set to last up to 9 days but the actual battery life is between 4 and 5 days. Along with being one of the most affordable running fitness trackers it can also track your cycling exercises when you speed down the road in your new road bike. This fitness tracker is not touch screen which might make it easier if your sweating and have an actual button you can press.

If you already use the Garmin ecosystem and want a budget fitness tracker that has integrated GPS then the 235 is a great option. Many users online complain that the heart rate sensor is not very accurate but you can pair it with a chest strap to provide a more accurate reading. This is however one of the most affordable smart watches with integrated GPS from a company that makes quality fitness trackers.


8. Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Fitness tracker has over 3,397 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating

The Forerunner 645 adds a lot more features than the 235 but it cost around $120 more. The stylish design sports a stainless steel bezel with a plastic housing that makes it very lightweight. The Garmin 645 Music has a variety of features including a built in optical heart rate sensor, Integrated GPS with Glonass, Garmin Pay. It comes with industry standard 20mm bands in two different colors. The bands are made from a silicone style material that is extremely comfortable for long term use.

The 645 can also be paired with Running Dynamics Pod, HRM Run, or HRM Tri monitor to provide you with even more advanced running information including ground contact time balance, stride length, mile splits, and vertical ratio. Move IQ is also included which is an automatic workout detection feature that can detect walking, running and cycling.

When connected to your iPhone it provides you with notifications that you can dismiss but cannot reply back. If you have an android device with Garmin Connect you can set reply messages for a quick reply. You wont be able to type a custom response unless you set it in advance in the app. You can also receive calls on your watch when paired to your phone.

The Forerunner 645 has a clip on style charger with an indicator that lets you know it’s charging and what percentage of battery it has. It has incredible battery life that can last up to 7 days but if you have GPS always on it will only last you 5 hours.

If you have a premium Spotify account you can connect the watch to your computer and sync your playlist for offline listing. In order to transfer music from your computer to the Forerunner 645 you will need to connect it to the computer. As of now you cannot do it directly from your smart watch. It has 3GB of internal storage so you can save your music to the device.


9. Garmin Vivoactive 4

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 Fitness tracker has over 3,397 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating

The Vivoactive 4 is a great fitness tracker that allows you to track a variety of activites even in water. The always-on, display might not be as crisp as some of the other smart watches like the Apple watch and Samsung amoled display but the screen is easier to read outdoors and is less likely to brake. The Garmin Chroma Display is protected by a very strong gorilla glass that can stand up to most abuse. There are several color options for the stainless steel bezel like gold, rose gold, silver, or slate. You can purchase it in two sizes 44mm and 40mm Vivoactive 4S. The bands are also interchangeable so you can swap out for your favorite style.



REFRENCE: The Garmin Fenix 6 is perhaps the ultimate multi-sport smartwatch, and certainly the ultimate one offered by Garmin. Or, well, the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar is anyway, but the entire Fenix 6 range is truly top-end as wearables go.

The Garmin Fenix 6 will track almost any outdoor activity you could possibly want, with GPS along with a heart rate monitor that even works underwater.

GPS locks on fast and works reliably in our experience, battery life is impressive, and the watch feels robust – if bulky.

The high price will put many people off and if you’re not sure you really need the Garmin Fenix 6 then, well, you probably don’t. In that case, consider one of the cheaper options elsewhere on this list, but for serious athletes and adventurers, particularly those who don’t stick to just one sport, the Fenix 6 comes highly recommended.

The Best Fitness Trackers for Tactical and Military use

If your in the Law enforcement field, military or special forces and want a fitness tracker that works with night vision and has precise GPS tracking then these are the best fitness trackers for you to explore. Some of these watches meet military standards and can withstand the abuse it takes outside of the wire.

9. Garmin Tactix Delta Solar

The Garmin Tactix Delta Solar Fitness tracker has currently has 48 reviews on Amazon with a 5 out of 5-star rating

If your in the Law enforcement field, military or special forces and want a fitness tracker that works with night vision and has precise GPS tracking then these are the best fitness trackers for you to explore. Some of these watches meet military standards and can withstand the abuse it takes outside of the wire.

9. Garmin Tactix Charlie

If your in the Law enforcement field, military or special forces and want a fitness tracker that works with night vision and has precise GPS tracking then these are the best fitness trackers for you to explore. Some of these watches meet military standards and can withstand the abuse it takes outside of the wire.

9. Garmin Instinct Solar

If your in the Law enforcement field, military or special forces and want a fitness tracker that works with night vision and has precise GPS tracking then these are the best fitness trackers for you to explore. Some of these watches meet military standards and can withstand the abuse it takes outside of the wire.